Cuts And Scrapes

What you need to know?

Cuts And Scrapes Introduction

Cuts and Scrapes are inevitable within the workplace, as injuries, no matter how small, are bound to occur. Cuts and Scrapes are every-day occurrences, and most can be safely treated at home. Knowing how to clean and care for a cut yourself will promote healing and lower the risk of infection dramatically.

Treating a serious cut or bleed

Cuts and Scrapes can almost happen in any situation, either banging or falling into something, or even slipping and landing on an object. If an accident does occur, either at home or at the workplace, here are some points that will help:

  • Apply Direct Pressure to the wound

  • Raise and Support the injured area above

  • Help the Casualty to lie down and raise and support their legs as blood loss can lead to shock.

  • Secure the dressing with a bandage. By knotting the bandage of the bleed, it will help to apply pressure and minimize blood loss.

  • If the bleeding shows through the first bandage, you can apply a second one directly on top; if the bleeding shows through this second dressing, you should take the first one off and apply a fresh dressing.

  • Check circulation beyond the bandage at regular intervals to make sure that the bandage is not too tight.

  • Call 999 /112 or take the casualty to hospital for medical attention is considered appropriate to do so.

How do Identify if a cut needs medical attention?

You can identify that a cut needs medical attention from either hospital or from a doctor if:-

  • It is deep enough that you can see fat, muscle or bone.

  • The wound has a jagged edge or edges that are far apart.

  • The wound is long or there is blood spouting from it.

How do I reduce the risk of cuts

You should have a number of qualified First Aiders present within your workplace. You should ensure that you know who your closes First Aider is. It is also important to note that you should be aware of the locations of the First Aid boxes that will be present around your workplace. Ensure that you are familiar with these locations in the event that you will need to treat an injury yourself.