AM Safety Specialists Ltd - Health and Safety for the Funeral Industry

AM Safety Specialists prides itself in the way we provide high quality services to the Funeral Industry. We aim to give our clients within the Funeral Industry comprehensive training and consultation whilst ensuring that the quality of services that our clients provide are not compromised, but in fact improved. Our Training and Consultative Services ensure that our clients are meeting the required legislative standards, and that their employees are working in a safe and secure workplace.

Do you have responsibilities towards Health and Safety in your business?

From initial enquiries, we can offer everything from a free Health and Safety training matrix, with one of our experienced advisors, through to tailor-made retained safety consultancy packages for any client within the Funeral Industry. We can provide off the shelf and custom health and safety solutions to meet your company's needs.


We are committed to providing a first class professional Health and Safety Consultancy Service to all of our clients, and clients within the funeral industry are
no exception.


We at AM Safety Specialists Ltd offer a wide selection of fully accredited Health and Safety Training and management courses from our training facilities in Essex and Stratford.

Current legislation places great emphasis on the need for Health and Safety Training so it is essential that time allocated to training is both rewarding and cost effective. Our state-of-the-art in-house Health and Safety Training facilities include a fully equipped training room and an executive training suite for senior management.

AM Safety Specialists are a supplier member of the National Association of Funeral Directors and an associate member of the Society of Allied and Independant Funeral Directors. To see our Funeral Industry accreditations please click here

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